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Kids Classes

Ninja Squad

Ninja Competition Team

Monthly Membership

Youth Ninja Squad

A completely unique Ninja Warrior / Parkour curriculum with hilarious rubber wrist bank ranking system designed to inspire a life of fitness and good health and always push the envelope of what is possible.

All skill levels welcome!

Join the ranks of the Youth Ninja Squad at the Maine Warrior Gym and learn to climb, jump, roll, swing and overcome obstacles in a safe and fun way with professional athlete coaches!  Earn wrist bands showing your skill level!  Open to all, no experience needed. Children will progress in small groups at their own pace and be awarded bracelets indicating their rank in the class.

Ninja Squad Age groups:

Tiny Ninja Squad – Ages 4-6
Wednesdays @ 4pm

Fridays @ 4pm

Little Ninja Squad – Ages 7-9
Tuesdays @ 4pm
Wed @ 1pm
Wednesdays @ 5pm
Thursdays @ 4pm
 Saturdays @ 9:30am

Youth Ninja Squad – Ages 10-14
Mondays @ 6pm
Tuesdays @ 5pm
Wed @ 2pm
Saturdays @ 10:45am

How does it work?

Our pro trainers have developed a specialized training program to run over an 8-week session. Participants will master skills to rank up in their Ninja Squad status. Starting at the level of “Sea Cucumber” and progressing through equally hilarious fish-named rank levels keeps the class light-hearted and fun while maintaining a sense of accomplishment.

Children progress at their own rate, but will be tested to the extent of their ability at the end of the 8 week session.  After this test they will be awarded the rank they have earned based on the skills and techniques they have mastered.

We teach a blend of Parkour and Ninja Warrior skills to round out both their ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and also give them a robust foundational skill set and the tools and knowledge to approach new challenges with confidence.

Tiny Ninja Squad
Little Ninja Squad

Ninja Competition Team Class

An advanced option for kids ages 9-16 who want to COMPETE as a Ninja Warrior!

Best suited for kids in our Youth Ninja Squad program who are level 7 (Marlin) and above. This is a more intense class that will allow us to really get into SERIOUS Ninja Warrior training and conditioning.

There will be NO rank tests in this class like there are in Ninja Squad. This is where the rubber hits the road!

Weekly Ninja Competition Team Membership
– Two advanced ninja classes weekly.
– One additional parkour or ninja drop in class weekly.
– ALL open gym sessions.

Toddler Ninja Social – Ages 1-4

Get you little ones ready for action! Training on our obstacles will prepare your child for any sport they become interested in in the years to come. Help them develop their physical and social skills to give them the opportunity to excel at whatever they dream to.

The ability to learn “ninja” skills and approach new challenges will help them begin to solve problems, increase cognitive capacity and improve brain functions. They will love the new experiences and sensations of rolling, falling, jumping, climbing and these will all help them to overcome every other challenge they encounter in life’s amazing journey.

Toddler Ninja Social is an informal gathering for ages 1-4.  We encourage kids to try new things, explore, fall, climb and get inspired.  This time allows them to explore and learn basic movement, have fun with friends and be inspired on our ever-changing simple obstacle courses.

Drop in price: $15 for the first child, $5 for each additional child.


Parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only your body. The fundamentals include running, jumping, and climbing, and we build on these fundamentals to improve our ability to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with more complex movements. Parkour is a system of fitness training that improves strength, speed, agility, co-ordination, stamina, endurance, and precision. It offers a full-body workout at any level of experience, and improves your ability to move, to harness your confidence, to change how you think and see the world.

At the Maine Warrior Gym we provide a unique and fulfilling experience for anyone looking to learn or improve. Our certified Parkour instructors are athletes with a minimum of 5 years experience and a competitive background. You will learn where you stand as a beginner, and where your limits are as a confident athlete. In our one of a kind facility, we will build your techniques up piece by piece from the basics to scaling walls, to developing your own unique style! And our progression system will help you improve in a steady and confident environment. In our judgement free zone, our ambition and drive is to help you reach your goal! If you have a dream, if you have a goal, we can and will help you to get there!

Monthly youth membership: $99
– No sign up fee.
– Includes drop in classes (no team classes or Ninja Squad)
– Includes all open gym sessions.

333 Clark's Pond Pkwy, So. Portland, ME 04106- Contact: 207-370-4298
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