Kids AND adult NERF Night!? Are you kidding me??

Kids Nerf Night – March 29th

Adult Nerf Night – April 5th

Ummm…. Are you kidding ? This is the coolest thing ever… amiright?

We’re going to kick off nerf battle nights on March 29th with a youth event for kids ages 9-14, and the following week will be the adult event!

A Parkour gym is probably the best place to have a nerf battle and we’ve got some insane games and challenges planned for everyone!

We have 24 Nerf Rival Kronos guns for use as well as plenty of ammo and eye protection which will be required because these babies pack a punch!


Battle Royale

Hard point

Skill challenges

Team games

All the fun stuff you never get a chance to play any more !

Time to be a kid again!