“Maine Warrior Gym is a Lifesaver”

“Maine Warrior Gym is a lifesaver. My son had just started his fifth-grade year at a new school. He was fearful and introverted, desperate not to do anything that would bring attention to himself. He was angry at his own lack of confidence.
He started taking regular lessons at Maine Warrior Gym over a year ago. His inner and outer strength continue to grow exponentially. The poster on his wall from the Maine Warrior Gym has slogans such as “astound people, but more importantly, astound yourself.” and “Accept new challenges as a form of help from others.”
These aren’t just words. They are the foundation for a kid to learn to navigate his world. I can’t say enough good about the team. We are grateful to have them in our community. They are one of a kind. “


We absolutely LOVE hearing comments from parents about our programs.  We’re doing great things for kids in Maine and I can say that with great confidence.  Just walking through a class or open gym session will give you the opportunity to see confidence building activities, empowerment, fears that have been overcome or that are in the process of being overcome.  It’s such a pleasure and a privilege being part of the community and having build something that people appreciate as much as they do.

Thank you all for your continued support and kind words!