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SSHH… Santa’s Big Secret… Find out the truth about Santa and his team.

By Tim | In About Us | on December 1, 2016

Ever wonder how Santa gets all his work done in one night without being seen??

That’s right, he and his team of reindeer and elves secretly train at the Maine Warrior Gym during the summer months. Practicing vaults helps them quickly hide behind couches and chairs in case there are little eyes trying to sneak a peek. Our Warrior Wall climb up is great training for when they fall off the roof and need to haul themselves back up in a hurry. Training with medicine balls help them carry those heavy presents over and around precious Christmas decor.

Of course (little known secret), Santa uses a rope to climb back up the chimneys and our 25-foot rope climb gives him plenty of practice with that. The Elves love practicing front-flips, side-flips and dive rolls on our 27-foot Air-Trak. The reindeer need to have perfect balance to stay atop the crown of the roof, so they train on our balance beams, logs and balance posts. (with bells on)

It goes without saying that speed, accuracy and efficiency of movement are absolutely critical to the success of their yearly mission so the Claus team counts on the Maine Warrior Gym and our trainers to keep them in tip-top shape (while of course, consuming their fair share of cookies and sweets).

Looking forward to a great Christmas, thanks to the big man and his team and of course our great team of trainers here at the Maine Warrior Gym!

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