Workouts Inspired By TV

Inspiration and motivation can come from many different avenues. No matter what the genre or style, most shows will have an element of fitness to them. In this article we look at three TV shows that have inspired workouts.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is currently the biggest show on television. The fantasy show has inspired a wide range of different products including its own beer range with ales that take phrases or famous names from the show including a pale ale called Bend the Knee. Fitness fanatics have also been inspired by the show to create exercise routines. Run of Thrones creates a route that takes the form of one of the various house crests in the show. The Game of Thrones routes are put on Google maps for runners to follow. Not many people can say they’ve out run a Dire Wolf.

The X-Factor

Reality TV may seem like an unusual choice to get inspiration for exercise from, but this hasn’t stopped exercise enthusiasts creating a workout based on the talent show The X-Factor. The exercise plan is called The X-Factor Fitness Forfeit Game, and the game can be adapted to work as a workout with squats instead of shots. One example of how the game works is that players must do tricep tighteners for 15 seconds if Simon Cowell boasts of launching One Direction. Another exercise routine that uses The X-Factor name, but is not directly associated with the brand, is a workout that combines high rep strength moves with cardio. Like the forfeit game, The X-Factor is designed for everyone and most of the exercises can be done at home.

It is easy to see why people would be inspired by the show. The X-Factor is an international brand that is as recognizable as American Idol and the America’s Got Talent. At it’s prime in 2011, The Hollywood Reporter reported that there were 26 international editions of the show. The show was also able to expand its reach through online outlets. The X-Factor Games provided a variety of games that would appeal to the show’s fans across the globe. In the same way that those interested in fitness are able to combine their love of the show with exercise, so to are fans who are interested in online gaming.


The physical acting required on shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings means that the actors have to get into peak physical shape. The workout routine of actors from both shows has been featured in many fitness magazines and websites. Alexander Lugwig who stars as Bjorn Lothbrok in Vikings has spoken in detail about his training. In order to get lean and muscular for the role he would row 2000 meters before he started lifting weights. He would also add weights to bodyweight exercises like dumbbell burpees. The actor’s workouts are often publicized as the public want to follow the exact routine to get into the shape of their favorite character. Clive Standen who plays Rollo has also explained his journey to becoming a Viking. He told Ask Men that a Viking’s strength comes from “having a strong back and shoulders.” Rather than following a tradition gym based exercise plan, Standen built his strength from: rowing, tilling land, chopping wood and manning ropes and sails.