8-week sessions!

A Great Starting Place for Aspiring Young Ninjas!

A completely unique Ninja Warrior / Parkour curriculum with hilarious rubber wrist bank ranking system designed to inspire a life of fitness and good health and always push the envelope of what is possible.

All skill levels welcome!

Join the ranks of the Youth Ninja Squad at the Maine Warrior Gym and learn to climb, jump, roll, swing and overcome obstacles in a safe and fun way with professional athlete coaches!  Earn wrist bands showing your skill level!  Open to all, no experience needed. Children will progress in small groups at their own pace and be awarded bracelets indicating their rank in the class.

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How does it work?

Our pro trainers have developed a specialized training program to run over an 8-week session. Participants will master skills to rank up in their Ninja Squad status. Starting at the level of “Sea Cucumber” and progressing through equally hilarious fish-named rank levels keeps the class light-hearted and fun while maintaining a sense of accomplishment.

Children progress at their own rate, but will be tested to the extent of their ability at the end of the 8 week session.  After this test they will be awarded the rank they have earned based on the skills and techniques they have mastered.

We teach a blend of Parkour and Ninja Warrior skills to round out both their ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and also give them a robust foundational skill set and the tools and knowledge to approach new challenges with confidence.