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Youth Ninja Squad

Our unique 8-week ninja training program! One class plus one open gym per week and wrist bands for your accomplishments! Start learning how to be a ninja!!

Ages 4-6, 7-9, and 10-14!
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Youth Parkour 1 + 2

Parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only your body. The fundamentals include running, jumping, and climbing, and we build on these fundamentals to improve our ability to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with more complex movements.

Parkour Strength

Take the next step to increase your strength specifically for the sport of Parkour. Optimize your fast twitch muscles, gain explosive energy, maximize your jump height and become an elite Parkour athlete!

Ninja Competition Team Class

This is a more intense class that will allow us to really get into SERIOUS Ninja Warrior training and conditioning.

We are affiliated with the UNAA and NNL leagues.