Youth Ninja Squad – 8-week Ninja Warrior Training for Kids.

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Mondays at 6pm
Tuesdays at 5:30pm

Build Your Child’s Confidence
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What is Youth Ninja Squad?

For kids ages 7-16
Classes are Mondays at 6pm and Tuesdays at 5:30

Join the ranks of the Youth Ninja Squad at the Maine Warrior Gym and earn wrist bands showing your skill level!

Children progress in small groups at their own pace and are awarded rubber bracelets showing their rank in the class.

Our best trainers have developed a specialized 8-week training program. Children master skills to rank up in their Ninja Squad status. Starting at the level of “Sea Cucumber” and progressing through equally hilarious fish-named rank levels.

PARKOUR TRAINING 1-ON-1Certified Ninja Coaches

Our team of certified Parkour trainers knows how to teach ninja obstacles to kids in a safe and effective way AND have fun doing it.

Parent testimonial:

“The coaching staff is wonderful and can really see what she is fully capable of and push her to the highest potential.”

kids ninja warrior and parkour classNinja Warrior Obstacles

Our 5,000 square foot obstacle course gym is fully equipped to offer challenges from the most basic to the most advanced so we can work with kids and adults to challenge them every minute they are here.

kids parkour in maineBuild Confidence, Strength and do amazing things

Kids in the Youth Ninja Squad are doing incredible things and amaze themselves everyday they are here. All the parents love watching their children get excited about the new lessons and accomplish new skills.

Sign up for the Youth Ninja Squad program here:

Mondays at 6pm
Tuesdays at 5:30pm